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Hip Lik Group

Hotline: 03-6659 5882
HK Tel.: (852) 2363-3383
HK Fax: (852) 2330 6128 / 2764 1906
email: inquiry@hiplik.co.jp

Thermoformed Products

A better way to showcase your products

Hip Lik manufactures stand-alone thermoformed packaging, like blisters and clamshells, as well as vacuum-formed trays to be used as inserts in clear plastic boxes. Clear vac-trays used in clear plastic boxes position package contents securely and create exciting aesthetics and the illusion of contents floating within the package.

A Clear Plastic Box Specialist

Hip Lik skilled structural design teams understand how to create the strongest visual impression for your brands. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop structural designs that are creative, functional and unlock the potential of our customer's brands.


We purchase materials from only the world's best producers, always to our more demanding appearance and performance specifications.

All HIP LIK's clear plastic boxes are produced under one roof: printing, die cutting, gluing and packing.

Deliver to any location inside Japan
Deliver to China Market
Deliver to any overseas market.

HIP LIK produces PVC box, PET box, PP box, etc.

Our dedicated support personnel strike to deliver:
Quotation within 24 hours, CAD samples in 3-5 days and deliveries in two to three weeks.

Packaging boxes, tubes, die-cut products and packaging sleeves printed by flexo, offset, silkscreen, cold foil stamping, etc.

Offset Printing Press(16-color in 2 passes!)
Flexo Printing Press(13-color in just one pass!)
Custom made clear packaging boxes with all sophisticated printing effects.

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Decades of experience in offset printing

Packaging box is the brand communications tool that connects consumers directly to your product.

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HIP LIK's facilities are prefectly equipped for producing top quality clear plastic boxes.

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Leading Soft Crease® Technology

HIP LIK's facilities are prefectly equipped for producing top quality clear plastic boxes.